Friday, January 28, 2011

Keepin' it Honest

Sereknitty here again.

I started my yarn diet like I said I would. I'm going cold sheep (with a few exceptions, of course.)  Here are my current stats:  Yardage:  24359.68.  Yards used: 385.1

This will change, obviously, as I have some yarn coming in the mail that I needed for a sweater (I already had half the yarn so I needed the rest) and as I hope to get a few things off my needles soon. Also, despite my best efforts, I still don't think I've cataloged my entire stash. I know there's more hiding out there!  And there are some random bits I have to figure out. What are they/how much is there, etc. etc. But, the bulk of my stash is accounted for. The goal for this year is to use up 15,000 this year, (And to DEFINITELY use up more than I bring in) and I think I can do it, especially if I can get some felted projects going.

Wish me luck!

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