Monday, July 2, 2012

Baby Knits

My best friend's daughter should be born sometime today or tomorrow. They are inducing the birth mother this evening. As much as I wish I could wrap this woman is soft hand knit love, it will be a closed adoption. Since I can't knit a gift to thank the woman who is giving my friend and her husband their 12 year wish of starting a family, the least I can do is make sure this baby is the best dressed baby in town. To that end, I knit her a pair of socks and a matching hat in Luscious by Kollage to keep her warm in the hospital:
And then I knit her a little cotton dress in Cascade Pima so she has something pretty to wear when they finally get to take her home.
Of course I have more things planned, but at least I have a few things ready to get her started off on a lifetime of hand knits! Welcome, baby Sera! I can't wait to meet you!

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