Friday, March 18, 2011

March Madness

Hi, it's Sereknitty again.

It's been awhile since we posted. We've been slogging through the end of winter, in that weird in between place we call "Sprinter". Lovely and warm one day, snowing and cold the next. It's a time when everybody is a bit crabby. We're all sick of winter and all that it entails: scraping snow and ice off the car, dark long days, winter coats, ice on the roads. Even warm comfort foods. We want fresh veggies from the farmer's market and to peel off a couple layers of clothing. We're almost there, but we can't quite get our hopes up yet. The end of winter always has a few surprises for us.

Everybody has their own way of surviving until Spring. Not surprisingly, I knit. As LoloKnits announced the other day, "Knitting is my default." And that pretty much is all I have been doing every single spare second of my days. As you would expect, I've been getting quite a lot done. Here are a few of my projects:

I knit this adorable giraffe for my boss for her birthday last month
along with some washcloths and a little stuffed duck for baby gifts for a coworker:

I'm also working on a pair of socks for my BIL, two pairs of socks for me, a scarf for a recently retired co-worker, a cozy for my coffee press (it's a KAL!), my second End Paper Mitt, a Holden Shawlette (my first ever lace shawl and a KAL!), and I've nearly finished my Cloisonne Jacket. As you can tell, I am quite busy. I haven't been doing much for our Etsy shop, but I've got some hand-dyed roving that I need to spin up. Since LoloKnits and I are going to have a table at a craft booth in August, I really need to start working on some projects for that. I have several in mind. We'll see how they go. I know she's knit quite a few wash cloths already! I'm just hoping to get a few projects finished soon so I can dedicate more time to that. As I'm not working OT anymore, that gives me more time to knit. And catch up housework. Or knit. :)

I promise to update my Yarn Diet status at the end of the month. Hopefully Cloisonne will be done by then; that'll add quite a bit to my monthly total!

Happy Knitting!