Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Paragons of awesome

It is I, the illusive Loloknits. Sereknitty has been doing a hell of a lot of the work around here, I am so grateful to her! Life has thrown me some serious (emotional) curveballs lately and it's been really hard for me to get myself together some days. Now, things are looking better and I'm so excited to be back on track! I'm lucky enough to have some time off from work and have lots of plans for fun and knitting. :) I've just bought a new camera - a test action shot:

We got the good news the other day that we've been accepted at a local farmers' market! Our goal date to start is in late August, so I've been working on pumping out lots of inventory - washcloth and bookmarks mostly for now. The washcloths have no rhyme or reason, just whatever I feel like!

I'm a local coffee shop right now, my train of thought keeps getting interrupted by the fabulous dude candy that keeps strolling in! I guess it's that time of the day for sexy runners and guys with great hair and swaggers. ;)
The plan tonight is to turn these:

Into real bookmarks! They're in a larval, kinda looking like kelp stage but when they grow up, I'm hoping for loveliness. I'm gonna use a very scientific concoction of glue and water to stiffen them and bring out the laciness (I promise, it's there).

Huh, interesting podcast just popped up on ye olde iPod - Does size matter?
Any thoughts? Ladies? Gents?
Should we be using metric?
This seems ironic, given my surroundings ;)

Well on that note, time to sign off!
May you always get gauge,

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