Saturday, September 3, 2011

Single Skein September!

We survived our first vendor table at the Lancaster Farmer's Market last Saturday. It was an interesting and informative experience. Check out our display:

I had fun designing labels for everything. Now that we've gotten our feet wet, we have submitted an application to have a table at the WNY Fiber Festival (formerly the Knox Farm Fiber Festival). That will be on the 24th of this month at Emery Park in South Wales. I encourage everyone to attend and support this festival so that we can keep it going for years go to come. And of course, if you do go, stop by and say hi to us!

In other news: It's Single Skein September, so I'm trying to get through at least ONE single skein. Of course I'm knitting socks! And, I'm trying to finish up my Jaywalkers that I've been working on since forever. I'm on the ribbing at the top of the second sock, and then its just the afterthought heel and all done! I'm also spinning some sock yarn that I hope to have done this month so I can knit it into a pair of Rapunzel Stockings.

October will be SOCKTOBER and our knitting group be doing a Knit-a-Long of Hungry Bees by Emma Grundy Haigh:

Want to join us? If you don't have yarn, I'll be dyeing some up honey coloured yarn soon, and I've got a nice golden wheat colour now in the shop that I think would look great as Hungry Bees: Scrimgeour

I still haven't updated my stash for August yet, but that will be happening soon. I have to get to 15,000 before Rhinebeck so I'll be a knitting fool the next month and a half!

Happy Knitting, keep those needles a-clicking!



  1. Your yarn is gorgeous! It'll look great as bee socks!

  2. This looks beautiful ladies! Congrats on all the hard work (: Looks wonderful!

  3. Thanks, Cat! Are you back in town? How was NY? We miss you!