Sunday, November 13, 2011

New Colourways!

It's been ages since we blogged AND since we've updated the etsy shop, but I'm finally adding some new colourways! The first one is another Harry Potter themed colourway. I call her Cho, and she's an idea I've had in my head for a while now:

I want to try different ways to dye this colourway in the future, so I'm sure the next batch will be a bit different. But I love how she turned out!

I'm going to be updating Etsy with more yarns and goodies soon, so keep an eye out!!

One of the reasons we haven't updated in ages is because we've had a busy summer/fall. We've had a craft show a month for the last three months, which has kept us both busy knitting and dyeing and it's been hard to update stock when we keep having to resupply it. Not that I'm complaining. It's been fun!

And, as always, we've been busy knitting away. We did the Hungry Bees pattern as our Socktober Knit-a-long, and mine turned out very fun

(The other foot was in an ankle wrap. Just imagine there are two feet!)

I also knit a cute little cabled cardigan

And I'm working on test knitting a pair of socks for a friend. They're very cabled and use Austrian twisted stitches. They're so pretty! I'm using MadelineTosh Tosh Merino Lite in the Sugar Plum colourway.

I hope to read the heel flap tonight! There are cables down the back of the heel, which I've never done before. I love doing new knitting things.

That's what's been keeping me busy. What about you?

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