Sunday, November 11, 2012

Viva the Foundry!

Yesterday, we were at The Foundry's Second Saturday Sale - what a great afternoon!! They had a great variety of vendors, yummy snacks and a really charming venue. Thanks to great advertising, we had lots of visitors - human and canine alike! There were many hand-crafts; from beautiful stationery to feathered hair accessories as well as up-cylced wooden frames, stools and pegboards. So many lovely shops and people. Here's a link to the Foundry for more info: Please come and visit us for the two December dates - the 8th and 15th (the 2nd and 3rd Saturdays). 298 Northampton St, Buffalo from 12-5. My new hats and loop scarves went quickly - coming soon are some wool hats from gorgeous handspun yarn and more loop scarves. I promise to post some photos here when it's all ready to go! Keep and eye on our etsy shop! We're planning on some great gift ideas for the holiday with, as usual, lovely colorways from S to fill all of your knitting desires - two of which come in sparkly! It's that time of year when what we want to knit for ourselves or loved ones clashes with what we need to knit as gifts, or in our case, for business. Ah, the eternal business v. pleasure conundrum. :) The method I'm using lately to bring balance to it all is to alternate between a "want to" piece and a "have to" piece. For me, that's a new loop scarf trading places with my wedding veil. Yes, I'm knitting my own wedding veil! I'm hoping it will take on heirloom status in the future, but for now, it's going one long lace row at a time as the big day looms closer - 12/9/12. I'm very lucky to be marrying a man who is very supportive of my knitting addiction. For the most part, he turns a blind eye to the stashing and I mostly keep it hidden in closets and under the bed. There's a bag out on the porch too....but we won't talk about that right now. :) He's also an ideal knitter's husband because he expresses appropriate oohs and aahs at my projects and is impressed by argyle socks. He's also never requested a black cabled sweater. But enough bragging about J. I just hope this veil blocks like a dream and one of my cats doesn't nap on it while it's drying. For this week, I need to make a new light box and make some more headway on the veil. I would love to knit 2 more items for the store and organize the porch-yarn. That's just the knitting to-do list, let's not talk about the wedding to-do list! Anyway, my hands are itching for some needles and I think I'll poke around on Ravelry..... May all your cables twist the right way... ~L

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