Saturday, June 15, 2013

Spinning Again!

I don't remember exactly when I stopped spinning.  I think it was when I had the stress fracture in my foot and was in too much pain. But my poor wheel got shoved aside for stretchy bands and a stationary bike.  And I've been so busy with dyeing and knitting and other things that I've been able to ignore it when it has cried out for attention.  But something about the summer breeze in the window, children playing in the park across the street, the longer days and good light...I began to miss my wheel. So, finally this week I could take it no longer!  I put it back in its rightful place. I drew up the shade and opened the window and sat in my chair and began to spin.  And it was wonderful!

I realize I've lost some of my spinning muscles.  My fingers began to ache from drafting and pinching, my legs haven't been used to treadling, but very soon it all came back and I was amazed at how fast the yarn gathered on my spindle.   I finished 2 single ply projects that have been languishing for ages:

The first one I picked up at last year's WNY Fiber Festival.  It's 100% BFL and it self stripes, which I LOVE.  And the second one in some lovely Suri and Huacaya alpaca blended with Tencel. I got it when our knitting group went to Thistle Creek Alpaca Farm last autumn.  So, stuff I've had for awhile. Both are up on Etsy!

I started a new project, something I've had even longer. It's from a friend of mine, Shadawyn Fibers on Etsy, who does the loveliest colourways out of some of the most lush fibers. 

This one is Finn, which I haven't spun before and I'm really enjoying. The colourway is called Koi Pond and it makes you think of one when you're spinning it because there will be miles of blue and then you'll all of a sudden hit a bit of orange or brown like little fish swimming by. I can't wait to see how it plies up. If it's anything like the last fiber of hers I spun, I know it'll be great.

Oh, wheel,  how I've missed you.  I'm so glad we're back together again!

Hope you're getting lots of crafting done in the lovely summer weather, 


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