Thursday, July 4, 2013

They're finished!

I finished my Concentric socks!

As you can see, they fit great!

I actually finished them Saturday night while watching Hamlet at Shakespeare at the Park (that's for being so long-winded Hamlet! :P) but I've been going non-stop since then and this is my first chance to post about it.  I'm currently in OK visiting my BFF and my niece Sera who just turned ONE!

I also finished her bunny, which she really loves:

I'm so glad!  And I'm really happy with how well my i-cord tail came out.  I was worried a pompom tail might get ruined, so I made a long i-cord and looped it and tacked it down into a sort of flower shape and I think it works well!

I also finished my Aruacania tank top, which I will post pictures of soon, it is in my suitcase and I plan to debut it maybe tomorrow!  Hooray for finished projects!

Since I finished all my projects, I started my Sanguine Gryffon Eidos vacation socks (Tintagel!) and am looooving them.  Pictures soon (maybe!)

Hope your summer knitting is going well,


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