Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Vacation Knitting!

I'm back home from my vacation and recuperating (my flight got in very late last night.)  Only good thing about flight delays?  Lots of time to knit!

I didn't get a ton of knitting done on this vacation as I was visiting my best friend and one year old niece.  Anyone who has or has ever been around a one year old knows they only stop when they're sleeping.  So, not much knitting. But, I did manage to finish ONE of my vacation socks!

 Isn't it pretty?  The pattern is Tintagel from The Enchanted Sole by Janel Laidman.  I knew I had to knit this sock since the day I got the book because not only do I love the pattern, I have been to Tintagel, the legendary birthplace of King Arthur.  Seeing the ruins on the romantic, wind swept, heath strewn cliffs overlooking the deep blue ocean, you can amost believe  he was really born there. It's a beautiful and (possibly) magical place. 

Though I loved the pattern and the socks fit great, I think I'm going to have to add elastic around the top.  I did the small size and I DON'T have tiny calves, but it's still a bit loose. We'll see.  I love the yarn so very much. It's Sanguine Gryffon Eidos in a one-off colourway I got at Rhinebeck a couple years ago. It was love at first sight.  I kept thinking the colour reminded me of something. 
 And since I started knitting it up, I remembered.  It's this tapestry from The Hunt of the Unicorn:

Both are a dark rich green background with lots of lush colours over it. Greens, yellow, reds, purples.  I had a book as a kid with this on the cover. Back in my pre-teen years when I was really into unicorns. Obviously it is stuck in my psyche.  I just adore these socks and can't wait to finish them!

Hope your summer knitting is going well!


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