Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hello everyone! Lolo here. I'm back for a short jaunt downstate and I had some lovely adventures. This year has been my year to cold sheep, as I have 80,000 yards of yarn and I think my husband has started looking at me a little screwy. ;) Today is the 23rd day of no new yarn and I'm not missing it yet. My mom threw me a big curveball though - as part of my trip down, we went to a lovely farm shop in Gardiner NY. It's called White Barn Farm - here's the site:

I resisted all of the gorgeous yarn but I did buy some lovely buttons for the new sweater I'm making, a new Stephen West pattern and a great project tote. The best part of the trip was that there was a newborn lamb at the farm! She was born the night before and was just having her first meal. She's a Cormo lamb and has yet to be named.....I'll try to find an update on that later. :)

Isn't she cute! The shop itself has a great sign to welcome you and some beautiful views:

Before I left, my mom and I set aside some time for some crafting that she's been meaning to do for a long time - needle felting!

This is her first try, a little hedgehog! It's so funny that she was so nervous to try it because not only is she a former art teacher, she's one of the most creative people with a great "eye"!

Even though I brought 10 tons of projects to make, I really only managed to finish two -

Socks for my sister-in-law

an octopus (with pipe cleaners to make the arms bendy)
My ravelry queue is busting with things to knit....I'm trying to get a good mix of new things and UFOs that have been lying around. I'm on a toy making kick, some bunnies and a robot coming up. For at least the rest of the night, I'll be working on Levenwick by Gudrun Johnson in kelly green. :)
May the yarn be with you......

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